2.0 ~ Review

Rollicking fun like never before in Indian cinema. With few more drafts, the engaging screenplay would've been as intense as the AV.

   3.5 / 5.0

By: Rajarajan V.S.

***** SPOILER ALERT !!! *****

2.0 is a proper sequel to Enthiran (2010). Though Aishwarya Rai can’t be spotted here, we witness Vaseegaran (Rajinikanth) on a phone call with his would be. That scene kind of tickles us when Vasee’s smartphone flies away. Shankar isn’t as insane as Hari who morphed Aishwarya Rajesh in Trisha’s place in Saamy Square. Speaking of insanity, Shankar has been pretty much conscious about it everywhere. He has made sure that things fall into the ‘sci-fi’ category comfortably.

Shankar dives into the plot right away. Something or the other keeps happening. You keep your interests invested in the movie from start to finish. The set pieces amaze you big time. Astonishingly, there are no songs in this Shankar’s movie. There is one though that comes after the film. Manage to watch it and watch out for the post-credits scene that follows.

The typical Shankar formula exists here too. Villains getting killed mysteriously, a flashback to bring about the emotional connect, bringing into limelight a real world issue, suing or even killing villainy higher officials and alas, delivering a social message. Shankar invented this formula and he has successfully infotained us in large-scale all these years. This time around, his formula is a bit twisted. Shankar is stepping into a whole new league. He has discovered new perspectives in his very own formula.

From the outer-most layer, everything in the screenplay well enough. Bohra’s son releasing the negative energy simply like anything is unconvincing. Why did Shankar fall short of a smart heist set piece? Shankar is an uncompromising genius in putting the cast/crew in the right direction. His screen–writing here is satisfactory. Many of his ideas – turning mobile phones against humans, that ‘God’ angle which brings about an emotional connect and twists the plot – are nice. I wish Sujatha were alive and penned 2.0 for Shankar. By the way, Shankar is almost there.

I admire the way how Amy has been cast here. She’s a robot and to be precise, a ‘domestic purpose robot’. This is the best role that Amy could ever have. Even many of those non-Tamil commercial heroines can fit into Amy’s shoes easily. Akshay Kumar in those heavy makeovers is a stunner. His lip-sync is not up to the mark in a few places. His makeovers are stunning. Rajini completely owns all those avatars and it’s the superstar’s super-show.

The teaser/trailer got me to expect the entire 2.0 to be hardly appealing like that climax stretch in Enthiran. Now, I’m awe-stricken. The intensity in AV is highly appealing. We can literally feel the depth and the space in Nirav Shah’s 3-dimensional visuals. The CGI and VFX appear to be crystal clear. Resul Pookutty’s (sound designer) distinctive sounds in the background are intriguing (though few disappear amidst the background music). A.R. Rahman’s background score is thoroughly elevating. But in some places, it goes to the level of masking the sound design completely. Muthuraj’s production design is of utmost elegance. The costumes are catchy and superb.

Bars raised, benchmarks redefined and new standards set – this is a giant leap for Indian cinema. 2.0 is rollicking fun like never before in Indian cinema. With few more drafts, the engaging screenplay would’ve been as intense as the AV. We’ve been fanatics of Hollywood’s superhero flicks for a very long time. Here’s a visionary who has rocketed Indian cinema on the lines of those superhero flicks. He has come out with flying colours. And what’s inspiring is that he has shown the best way to rest of Indian cinema. Kudos to Shankar and team.

Cast: Rajinikanth | Akshay Kumar | Amy Jackson

Crew: Writer/Director: S. Shankar | Cinematographer: Nirav Shah | Editor: Anthony | Music Composer: A.R. Rahman | Production Design: T. Muthuraj | Dialogue Writers: Jayamohan, Lakshmi Saravanakumar, S. Shankar

Produced By: Lyca Productions – Subaskaran

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