Kaatrin Mozhi ~ Review

The core masks this drama's mediocrity satisfactorily as Jyotika takes the spotlight.

   3.0 / 5.0

By: Rajarajan V.S.

***** SPOILER ALERT !!! *****

For your info, Kaatrin Mozhi is an official remake of Tumhari Sulu (2017), a Suresh Triveni directorial starring Vidya Balan. One aspect of Kaatrin Mozhi is no-match to Tumhari Sulu. It’s the cinematography. In Tumhari Sulu, the watchers can somewhat feel what the family of 3 goes through as the film was majorly shot by means of carrying the cameras physically. Hence the lively vibe. To the contrary, Kaatrin Mozhi appears to be overdone: the cinematography is way too bookish and the colour correction is over the top. I wish I had my coolers.

I would rename Kaatrin Mozhi as Jyotika-vin Mozhi (Jyotika’s language). It’s not because of those dialogues she delivers. By the way, the dialogues penned by Pon. Parthiban are sharp as a tack & affect you instantly. Jyotika has got every nerve of her to do the thing, rather than merely emoting. I bet any other actress in Jyotika’s shoes would’ve miserably fallen flat in Radha Mohan’s mediocre staging. Yes, this is one of Jyotika’s best performances and this time around, the director didn’t back her well enough – shows how well Jyotika has equipped herself through the time. Earlier, I pinpointed the bookish cinematography. Thankfully, some of the pages have got Mahesh Muthuswami (cinematographer) to capture Jyotika just about well enough. Even then, this film needed a better cinematographer.

The background score in Tumhari Sulu was soothing like mild breeze. Whereas, A.H. Kaashif’s background score in Kaatrin Mozhi sounds alien. Kadhir’s production design lacks intensity. As per the paper, it’s a middle-class family seeking a way to crawl up financially. That ‘middle-class’ is not there in this production design.

Though the technicalities are a let down for Radha Mohan, he has got capable actors on board. Jyotika takes the spotlight all by herself throughout. Vidharth is good enough. I never really mind the chemistry between Jyotika and Vidharth because even Radha Mohan himself seems to had let it out of mind. M.S. Bhaskar has got a set piece that’s tailor-made for him. He and Jyotika converse over the phone. You can literally witness both the actors taking turns and stealing the spotlight. Bhaskar excels effortlessly. I enjoyed the bits involving Mayilsamy. Elango Kumaravel is kind of objectified here. Radha Mohan has staged the rest of the actors merely for the script’s sake.

Kaatrin Mozhi needed chopping and fine-tuning. There are so many unnecessary scenes. The punch dialogues that Vidharth and Jyotika exchange before the lemon/spoon race; Jyotika’s twin-sisters and her father, played by Mohan Ram, change the drama’s tone to that of a typical Tamil TV serial; why is Manobala even there?; what’s with that romantic song when there’s literally no chemistry of any sorts between Jyotika and Vidharth; Elango remaking a song for an ad is utterly silly; Radha Mohan offers a body-shaming cameo for Yogi Babu; for just a glimpse of celebration, Radha Mohan uses a 3-min long Malayalam song. Did Praveen K.L. (editor) doze off during these bits at the edit table, thereby, we getting to watch those!?

This remake is a needful one for Tamil cinema. On the other hand, Radha Mohan has missed a meaty opportunity to rocket to another level as a director. The core masks this drama’s mediocrity satisfactorily as Jyotika takes the spotlight.

Cast: Jyotika Suriya | Vidharth | Lakshmi Manju | Sandra Amy | M.S. Bhaskar | Manobala | Elango Kumaravel | Mayilsamy | Mohan Raman | Uma Padmanabhan | Sindhu Shekaran | Seema Taneja | Tejas Silambarasan (cameo) | Yogi Babu (cameo)

Crew: Screenplay/Direction: Radha Mohan | Cinematography: Mahesh Muthuswami | Editing: Praveen K.L. | Music: A.H. Kaashif | Production Design: Kadhir | Dialogues: Pon. Parthiban

Produced By: BOFTA Media Works – G. Dhananjayan

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