Kadaikutty Singam ~ Review

A decent-looking rural flick that needed a well-laid course for itself.

   2.0 / 5.0

By: Rajarajan V.S.

***** SPOILER ALERT !!! *****

First of all, the cast is vast and Pandiraj deserves a special mention for driving every actor to do their thing well considerably. This, the humour and Velraj’s gorgeous visuals are the only aspects that make this flick watchable.

It is a myth how Pandiraj opted for Sayyeshaa to play the heroine in a rural flick, having Priya Bhavani on-board. Sayyeshaa does not radiate the authenticity of a typical Tamil cultured girl whatsoever. Whereas, Priya as a supporting actor, whenever she appears, makes us wonder how nice it would have been if she were to play the heroine. It is not merely because of the fact that she is born Tamil and she looks beautiful. It is the grace with which she carries herself and also the skills she possesses.

Up to the set piece in which Gunasingam (played by Karthi) orates the viability of agriculture at a college event, the movie seems to be somewhat intriguing with a requisite purpose. After the oration, Gunasingam starts following his crush, Kannukiniyal (played by Sayyeshaa). The narrative too takes the usual course which has been a broken road for decades now.

Witness the proceedings. The hero intro is in a Rekla race. The race has commenced. The hero arrives late, yet emerges as the winner. He dances to an intro song. In the household, he has 2 girls all set to marry him. The hero’s lion heart cannot be won easily by those lover girls. In comes a fair and pretty heroine. Selvan (played by Soori) is always there beside Karthi helping him win his love. The hero needs a villain to show off his heroics by kicking the villain’s men flying in the air and killing the villain only in the climax. The hero’s lion heart is also caring and he can weep too. Hence the familial melodrama that goes on and on and on.

The antagonist track is the biggest tragedy out of all the melodrama and cliches. In a scene, villain Kodiyarasu (played by Shatru) asks his men to brief him about the most gore murders that have happened in Tamil Nadu. One of his men starts briefing for a few seconds and the scene goes mute for a few minutes after that. The scene ends with Kodiyarasu saying that he must kill Gunasingam in an ultimate gore way than all those murders. This is what the villain does in every scene he appears. He is brought into the screenplay from no where because the hero needs a villain opposite to him.

Pandiraj extracts humour from seriously melodramatic situations which works. Selvan’s (played by Soori) one-liners are timely and tickle laughter then and there. If at all Pandiraj had not induced humour, the melodrama will have swelled up badly.

Velraj’s cinematography is the saviour as he makes the flick’s overall visual appearance qualitative. The aerial shots of the widespread nature are beautiful. Light balancing is done brilliantly. Every shot is neither too bright nor too dull.

The character definition of Gunasingam is reviving in a way and Karthi effectively portrays the potential aspects of the character. He has studied till class 10 only. He is a farmer. He earns in lakhs. He wants the word ‘farmer’ to appear after his name in marriage invitations like how abbreviations of graduations appear after names. The oration on agriculture is power-packed with hefty dialogues. But Pandiraj limits the scope. If Pandiraj had entirely chosen this course, the ultimatum would have been a highly qualitative, needful movie. Kadaikutty Singam ends up as a decent-looking rural flick that needed a well-laid course for itself.

The Tamil movie, ‘Tamizh Padam 2’, is reviewed by Whistle Adi’s film critic, Rajarajan V.S.

Cast: Karthi | Sayyeshaa | Priya Bhavani | Sathyaraj | Soori | Arthana Binu | Bhanupriya | Viji Chandrasekhar | Saroja | Ponvannan | Sriman | Soundararaja | Mounika | Yuvarani | Sriman.

Crew: Writer / Director: Pandiraj | Cinematographer: Velraj R. | Editor: Antony L. Ruben | Music Composer: D. Imman.

Production: 2D Entertainment – Suriya

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