Mr. Chandramouli Review

Despite a potent conspiracy storyline, this blandly written/made flick somewhat comes alive only in the second half, in a barely watchable form.

   1.5 / 5.0

By: Rajarajan VS

***** SPOILER ALERT !!! *****

This year, an interesting incident just happened in Tamil cinema. In the last weekend of June, we witnessed team Asuravadham prove that a mundane storyline can be made into a top-notch film. Whereas in the first weekend of July, we have witnessed team Mr. Chandramouli prove the latter vice versa, i.e., an intriguing storyline can be made into a mundane flick.

Some time into the flick, the amateurish dialogues suggest how the entire course is going to be like and the worst case is that the dialogues are amateurish in most parts. It is from this point in the initial stage of the course, the film keeps trying too hard to engage till the end.

The fact that the father-son duo, Karthik and Gautham , are coming together to play father-son on big screen is the flick’s USP. But, sadly, what we get to watch is the father-son duo toiling beyond the weakly written characters to score. In the second half, when Raghav (played by Gautham) mourns and sets out for revenge, we hardly get any sort of that vibe.

The first half is utterly boring and tests our patience. Nothing works anywhere. Even when a twist in the story pops up in the pre-interval block, we feel meh. If the story wasn’t to be twisted there, the interval would have been a great opportunity to leave the theatre and go seek actual entertainment.

However, despite a potent conspiracy storyline, this blandly written/made flick comes alive only in the second half, in a barely watchable form. The track of friendship between Raghav and Bairavi (played by Varalaxmi) comes fresh to Tamil cinema and invests our interests a bit. The track in which Raghav suffers from short vision, bumps into the lorry driver (played by Silva) and fights by looking into a mirror is also a bit intriguing.

The major reason for the downfall of the film is that Thiru (director) has not worked well with the script to yield an appealing output. He uses cliches for execution. The storyline itself has certain high points in it, but as the staging is cliched, we never even realise in the first place that what we are watching at a particular moment is a high point.

Karthik looks like he could have used a well-written character to make his uber-cool attitude work effectively. Gautham is just there in the first half. Luckily for him, he himself had found some scope for acting in the second half. Regina role plays overtime beyond the sizzling song with Gautham. Sathish’s one-liners work only in a handful of instances. Mahendran himself has no idea why he has been cast.

Richard’s (cinematographer) close-up shots of the cab drivers when they are about to commit the crime, turns out to be a black comedy. Suresh (editor) does not spare shots their needful time. One could only wish that Sam (music composer) had not attempted to remix Ilaiyaraaja’s song Raajathi Raaja from Mani Ratnam’s directorial Agni Natchathiram starring Karthik himself.

The Tamil movie, ‘Mr. Chandramouli’, is reviewed by Whistle Adi’s film critic, Rajarajan VS.

Cast: Karthik | Gautham Karthik | Regina Cassandra | Varalaxmi Sarathkumar | J Mahendran | Sathish | Santhosh Prathap | Agathiyan

Crew: Writer / Director: Thiru | Cinematographer: Richard M. Nathan | Editor: T.S. Suresh | Music Composer: Sam C.S. | Stunt Choreographer: Silva

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