NGK & Sarkar under immense pressure?

Just now, team 2 Point 0 made an official announcement that the magnum opus is almost done with the VFX portions and that the movie is all set for a massive worldwide release on Nov 29, 2018. This is great news for Indian fans as the expectation for this movie is out of the world.

But, this news may not sound great for all, especially, teams NGK and Sarkar. Both the highly qualitative movies are all set to stage a clash of the Titans this Diwali. Since 2 Point 0 is releasing exactly 23 days after Diwali, stakes are high for the long-term run of both NGK and Sarkar to be affected considerably.

Will have to wait and witness how things roll out officially from teams NGK, Sarkar and 2 Point 0. All in all, if all the 3 movies release in Nov 2018, a treat of a lifetime is very much on cards for Indian fans. Any way, as of now, let us practice patience.

Author: Rajarajan V.S.

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