Saamy Square ~ Review

An ennui sequel to an evergreen entertainer.

   1.5 / 5.0

By: Rajarajan V.S.

***** SPOILER ALERT !!! *****

Those who have watched the movie can actually depict what would have happened at the discussion table (if only Hari had one such). The fact behind the project gets crystal clearly reflected. I very well remember Perumal Pichai, played by Kota Srinivasa Rao, was portrayed as a genuine bachelor and even the character mentioned that in a dialogue in the prequel. In the sequel, we get to witness 3 sons of Perumal Pichai and his bigamy, which is beyond mystery. Why? That’s because they somehow have to do this movie.

The plot is a dead snake that has been preserved in a golden box by the so-called ‘commercial’ filmmakers. Hero vanquishes villain because villain murdered hero’s parents. Since they had announced this as a sequel, hence the mysterious connect between prequel and sequel.

Vikram is back as the iconic cop. It is quite fascinating as to how the actor has retained that terrific screen presence even after 15 years. FYI, his age is 52. In Saamy-1, Vikram was in top form. He was sparkling all the way down to the wire. This time around, that spark is not quite there. Not saying he has lost it. May be such is his trust on Hari this time.

Aishwarya Rajesh as Bhuvana, replaces Trisha here in a short sequence. The chemistry between Vikram and Trisha in Saamy-1 was sweet. Cannot digest this new pair. I would rather watch Aishwarya score as an actress in a meaty role, than she dancing a duet on hills with a top star. In the case of Vikram and Keerthy, Keerthy is somewhat convincing.

The characterisation of Raavana Pichai, played by Bobby Simha, is a bit intriguing. And the actor holds it to together well. The face-off between Vikram and Srinivasa was bang-on in Saamy-1 – note: less stunts between the 2. This time around, the face-off is between Vikram and Bobby Simha, 2 national award winning actors, and we can only feel sorry for Hari. Pity on him.

Even Vivek’s comedy was a separate track in Saamy-1. Yet, the actor really got us to giggle. This time around, it is Soori. Oh my goodness! He frustrated the heck out of me. Totally unbearable. Already the noisy re-recording is damaging our ear buds. Devi Sri Prasad’s ‘sakthimaan’, ‘pokemon’ in the background worsens it. All of Harris Jayaraj’s songs in Saamy-1 were hit numbers. And that mass-y background score brought the roofs down. This time around, DSP offers silly tunes.

Saamy-1, Kovil, Ayya, Aaru, Thaamirabharani, Vel and Singam-1 entertain us, even when we watch them currently. Some of Hari’s ideas in this screenplay are visible. But, his execution has changed over time, ever since Singam-2. No one on earth knows why he prefers the pacey and loud narrative. This movie has no entertainment of any sort to offer. Saamy-2 is an ennui sequel to an evergreen entertainer.

Cast: Vikram | Aishwarya Rajesh | Keerthy Suresh | Kota Srinivasa Rao | Prabhu | Bobby Simha | Soori | John Vijay | O.A.K. Sundar | Delhi Ganesh | Ramesh Khanna | Chaams | Imman Annachi | Sanjeev | Uma Riyaz Khan

Crew: Writer/Director: Hari | Cinematographer: Venkatesh Anguraj | Editors: V.T. Vijayan, T.S. Jay | Music Composer: Devi Sri Prasad | Art Directors: P. Shanmugan, P.V. Balaji | Stunt Choreographers: Kanal Kannan, Selva

Produced By: Shibu Thameens

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