Semma Botha Aagathey Review

Being not sure of its intent, this flick never gets high on anything anywhere.

  1.5 / 5.0

By: Rajarajan VS

***** SPOILER ALERT !!! *****

Badri dives into the plot right away. A conflict gets going which is quite similar to the main conflict in K.S. Ravikumar – Kamal Haasan’s Tamil movie Panchathantiram (2002). That similarity is enough to invest our interests & we kind of expect something exciting. We get a cliche, but with a twist. Yes, it is the hero’s introduction song. But, the song does not boast heroics. Instead, the song item kaaran boasts the hero’s sensual desire for sex which is somewhat apt for the ongoing situation. After setting up the plot’s initial premise intriguingly, the screenplay stumbles.

The main issue is that the flick is not sure of its intent and never gets high on anything anywhere. The flick is a wannabe whodunit – black comedy. But, never really fits itself into either of the genres. Except for the track of sensuality between Atharvaa and Anaika and the track of friendship between Atharvaa and Karunakaran, nothing works.

The stretch in which Atharvaa travels to Palakkad is overblown. The hero goes all the way up there just to fight some goons on a cliff. Then too, they could have set that action block when Atharvaa is seized and thrown into a car by the goons. But, they don’t because that particular location does not look like Binny Mills. So they travel to a rugged place as such. The hero is tied to a chair. The hero tricks one of the goons in an insane way to untie him. Then, bam. Like this particular instance, the narrative keeps on hopping from track to track, but falls short of doing the ultimate thing – engage.

The track of comedy between Manobala and Chetan would have sounded funny in a comedy program on television. The track of romance between Atharvaa and Mishti is totally out of place.

Atharvaa’s macho screen presence saves him from drowning in his shallow character definitions. Anaika is righteously seductive all over her portions. Karunakaran’s one-liners are laughable in parts. Seems like Yogi Babu was sneaking through the frames in this flick while he was shooting for another film.

Gopi Amarnath’s neon lit visuals and aerial shots of the valley sequences are nicely done. Praveen’s editing is neat. Yuvan’s semma botha aagathey soundtrack sounds cool. Other than that, his soundtracks fall pray to Ilaiyaraaja’s sorgam madhuvilae soundtrack, which is used as Atharvaa’s mobile phone ringtone.

The Tamil movie, ‘Semma Botha Aagathey’, is reviewed by Whistle Adi’s film critic, Rajarajan VS.

Cast: Atharvaa Murali | Mishti Chakravarty | Anaika Soti | Mano Bala | MS Bhaskar | Karunakaran | Devadharshini | John Vijay | Naren | Chetan | Yogi Babu | Prinz Nithik | Ashwin.

Crew: Writer / Director: Badri Venkatesh | Cinematographer: Gopi Amarnath | Editor: Praveen K.L. | Music Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja | Art Director: S.S. Moorthy | Dialogue Writer: G Radhakrishnan | Stunt Choreographer: Dhilip Subbarayan | Costume Designer: Shobha Murali.

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