The C.S. Amudhan directorial Tamizh Padam 2 starring Shiva, is all set for a worldwide release on July 12. Audience all over Tamil Nadu, especially the youth, are expecting this spoof movie to entertain big time.

The pre-bookings for this movie is happening in full swing. Due to popular demand, many theatres across Tamil Nadu have scheduled early morning shows, starting at 5 a.m. In the past, these special shows have happened only for front-line stars.

It is to be noted that ever since Tamizh Padam 1 in 2010, Shiva starring movies have under-played in terms of both critical and box office responses. It is quite astonishing as to how Shiva and team have been buzzing around to rocket the audience’s expectations for this outing.

To sum up, the red-hot pre-bookings are very much evident that Shiva deserves the title Agila Ulaga Superstar, at least in a sarcastically intriguing way. Will have to wait and watch if this epic title shows up in initial credits.

Author: Rajarajan V.S.

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