Thuppakki Munai ~ Review

Stereotypical revenge storyline. But, Dinesh strikes few intriguing angles that make Thuppakki Munai fairly engaging most often than not.

   3.0 / 5.0

By: Rajarajan V.S.

***** SPOILER ALERT !!! *****

Vikram Prabhu as Birla Bose is an encounter specialist. We don’t get to witness what that officer, who makes a living out of killing people for the secure being of the public, goes through psychologically. Where is the intensity? Such characters ought to be intense. But, Dinesh Selvaraj doesn’t let the watchers down completely. Vikram’s mother calls him a merciless murderer. She pushes her son away from her life. By profession, she’s a maternal doctor. Son kills goons to protect the society. His mother helps other mothers overcome labor and deliver new lives. Isn’t this contrasting mother-son relationship interesting!?

There is a flashback sequence involving a father played by M.S. Bhaskar and his daughter played by Abhirami. Bhaskar all these years has made it a habit to bring about that emotional connect so effortlessly, but with such intensity on-screen. We can literally feel that strong father-daughter bond between the 2 actors. We’ve witnessed such a strong father-daughter bond between Bhaskar and Aishwarya Rajesh in Seenu Ramasamy’s Dharmadurai (2016) starring Vijay Sethupathi. When Bhaskar breaks down here, we’re moved. When Bhaskar is hungry for revenge, we too develop that temper. When Bhaskar delivers a social message at the end, we actually listen. Bhaskar is a powerful magnet. And Abhirami is just about good enough alongside Bhaskar.

Dinesh has rightly underused Hansika. She faxes an order to Tamil Nadu from the Indian President’s office. Doesn’t it suit her well enough? If not, Dinesh has not got her on board for flirty scenes and romance numbers.

Rasamathi’s aerial shots of Rameswaram add on to the overall visual appeal of the movie and also, we somewhat feel the gravity of the proceedings. The background score is not to be blamed. Instead, it is the re-recording which is noisy in most places.

“At gun point” – just a phrase, yet how thrilling does it sound!? This film, Thuppakki Munai, sounds as such in paper, but, not quite the same on screen. Hold on! Dinesh Selvaraj has got few intriguing things for the watchers though.

Beyond the revenge story that’s one among the millions we’ve watched in Tamil cinema, Dinesh really scores well with the intriguing angles that he strikes in the narrative. Firstly, the contrast in the professions of Vikram and his mother that leads to their separation. Secondly, the hero doesn’t take on the villain here. The hero safeguards an innocent man while the victim himself takes on the villain. Thirdly, this incident opens the bloody encounter specialist’s third eye and he emerges as the hero. Fourthly, the victim speaks of the roots and branches of family trees instead of practising violence in the climax. I mean, Dinesh has an interesting way of delivering social messages rather than merely dumping them in the movie. Smartly done.

To sum up, Thuppakki Munai travels on a stereotypical revenge storyline. But, Dinesh strikes few intriguing angles that make Thuppakki Munai fairly engaging most often than not.

Cast: Vikram Prabhu | Hansika | M.S. Bhaskar | Vela Ramamoorthy | Sha | Abhirami

Crew: Writer/Director: Dinesh Selvaraj | Cinematographer: Rasamathi | Editor: Bhuvan Srinivasan | Music Composer: L.V. Muthu Ganesh | Production Designer: Mayapandi | Stunt Choreographer: Anbariv

Produced By: V Creations – S. Dhanu

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