What to expect from Tamizh Padam 2?

☛  The teaser suggests that Shiva plays a cop who goes undercover to apprehend a Don.

☛  If all the spoof sequences are utilised properly to narrate the movie’s own story, we are in for a fun-filled treat with our gang.

☛  As featured in the first look poster, the meditation scene and other such political satire would be the highlights of the film.

☛  The placement of the songs evada unna petha which is a parody of evan di unna pethan (Vaanam) and ulagam athira vaada which is a parody of veriyera (Vivegam) will matter a lot in the movie. If they are placed aptly, the 2 song sequences will turn out to be high points in the screenplay.

☛  Watch out for Shiva’s laughable trademark dance moves in the song en nadanam.

Author: Rajarajan V.S.

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