Petta versus Viswasam – Official Verdict!

This Pongal 2019, the world is witnessing an epic clash between the Rajinikanth starrer Petta and the Ajith Kumar starrer Viswasam. Right from both the fans to the general audience to the cinema industry people, all are eager to know the verdict, i.e., who has been on the top since their releases on 10 Jan 2019.

We, Whistle Adi, do not trust in any kind of box office figures that we come across on social media from anyone, except for those officially from the respective production houses, distribution companies and exhibitors. We always depict a film’s success by taking into consideration its screen count and tracking the ticket sales online.

Thankfully, Qube Cinema, which is both Petta’s as well as Viswasam’s Digital Service Provider (DSP), has officially tweeted the screen count of both the films across the globe.

Qube Cinema’s Tweet on Petta:

Qube Cinema’s Tweet on Viswasam:

The ticket sales of both Petta and Viswasam have gone all out (houseful shows) and a few neck-to-neck turnouts. Ticket prices keep varying and it is impossible for anyone to keep track of those figures.

Going by the 2 tweets by Qube Cinemas, Petta is having the upper hand over Viswasam globally and this would remain the same till 20 Jan 2019. Even though when Petta’s other 2 languages screen count is excluded from the total, Petta still leads the way.

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